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Chilled Cunt is an expression to show someone of a tryhard nature.
Often used in conjunction with Chillllllllllllledddddd.. .... to show that what someone has just said is an attempt at acting hard or hardarse.

Often "chilled cunts" will talk about their rapping (even though they are shit), cones, and violence.

Often have aliases such as
Punk Ass Bitch, TJ, B-Rad, etc
Person 1: Man that bitch wouldnt let me smoke cones in her house, man. I'm gonna fucking ghetto stomp her arse, until her temples leaking and smoke over her dead body.
Person 2: Chilllllleeeedddd! God, your a chilled cunt.
by All Blacks Around Here August 04, 2007
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When you freeze your pussy, so someone can eat it like an icecream.
(On the phone)
Person 1 : Wagwan.
Person 2 : Yo. Im just eating out this chilled cunt fam.
Person 1 : Ahh safe - me 2.
by shaymal September 17, 2009
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