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After you work your long tiring work week, you eagerly await going home to relax and do things that require little effort and intellect for the whole weekend. During these moments of immobilization, your friends annoyingly become adamant in their attempts to get you out.
You: <I>Wassup, man. This week was brutal. I'm going to crash for 48 hours, oh fo sho. Chill weekend.</I>
Your friend: <I>OH HELL NO! I cant let you do that! This is the time for living! Time waits for no one! Man, look at it like this. Before you know it, we'll be old as dirt. And what will we have to show for it? Weekends where we wasted time!</I>
You : <I>Dude, its only one weekend! We've partied the last five weekends! Chill out, you tool!</I>
(hangs up)
by chillguy April 15, 2007
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