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A Gangsta Christian Death Metal band from Minnesota. For a Christian band, they don't totally suck. Formed in 1995, they released their first album "Lucifer is Dead", a 180 turn on the quote God is Dead. They sing (or more accurately, scream) about how great god is and also themes involving the mutiliation of white children, gang rape and other gangsta/gore themes.

Some members of both the metal and the black community are horrified by their hypocritical attitudes. One second commenting on how bad racism is and then the next blaming the death on Jesus on the Jewish people. However, this is merely their opinion and they shoud be able to express it without fear of persercution.

The name itself is a play on the name of popular metal band 'Children of Bodom' whom this band has considered to represent all that is wrong with our society and a bad influence on our youth. The name is representing that we are really god's children and he loves most of us "except Jews"

Myself, I find their lyrics too hypocritical to listen to often. However, the legendary guitar solos by the greatest female guitarist of all time, Sister Destruction. She's damn hot too. If you want some kick ass riffs and amazing duet gauitar solos, check out this band.

Father Destruction - Vocals
Sister Murder - Guitar #1
Father Skinless - Guitar #2
Father Hatred - Drum
Dead Child of the Alter - Bassist
Rotting Jesus - Violin
"God is in all creatures, black or white / Why must we hate and fight / Satan laughs as we kill our kind / Fuck that bitch with a dildo in da ass / Replace ya hate with love in god / He loves us back and purifies our heart."

"The KKK give us too much stick / those people are full of shit / They learn where problems lie / Who should live and who should die / How can hope leave us / It's cause the world is full of Jews / The Jews killed Jesus / Now we're killing yoooouuuuu"
by Real Gangsta in da House July 16, 2005
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