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Chigger (a wannabe nigger)

A Chinese lad who pretends to be a nigger. He wears oversized clothing, his pants below his ass, a backward cap and stinks in Summer like a nigger. Now he is training in raping white women, stealing cars, vandalizing white property and selling drugs, and in his spare time he murders innocent bystanders and decent folks for ten dollars. He also says that he is going into surgery to get his lips as a nigger liver lips. Contacts lens also are providing him with a fishy, possum, cow sight, and he’s very happy. He also is going to procreate at least a dozen illegitimate Chinese niglets. He also plans to live eternally on welfare. He have already accused Barack Obama of being a racist.
My neighbors are Chinese. Among them there is a lad who imitates niggers. He is a true Chigger.
My chinese eighbors have begoten a nasty creature they call son. He is a chigger 2.
by Superwhite June 22, 2012
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