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A human female that has eaten more then everyone else. These fat whales are often as powerful as Godzilla and physically about the same size (abnormal chifte's have been known to surpass that particular size, but they are generally referred to as "Majin-Chifte" or "Super-Saiyen-Chifte). People who are not familiar with these whales due to the lack of education and isolated location refer to them as "Women who want to eat your children"
1) We need to put speed bumps on the meat buffet, otherwise that chifte is gona eat all our food....maybe even our customers.....and my cat.....

2) Oprah Winfrey has gained another 10kg, she is no longer a morbidly obese woman, she is now a chifte!

3) Another restaurant declared bankruptcy, they must of had a chifte customer
by Yuri Gojirah October 10, 2010
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