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New, Young, Breakout Artists that will blow your mind! Chiddy Bang is a Philly based duo comprised of Chiddy (emcee) and Xaphoon Jones (DJ/producer) who combine elements of indie and electronica with some good al fashioned “spitting”. Chiddy Bang are university students; Chidera, Noah, Zack and Pat (professionally known as Proto, Xaphoon, Fresh Kid Z and Tennis Brown).Currently attending Drexel University (Philly) Chiddy approaches Hip-hop in a whole new fashion. With the collaboration of well known Indie-rock beats and Chiddy's smooth beats on top of it their true talent really shines. These young and extremely talented college students know exactly what to bring to the table in this new decade. Just wait, they gonna be huge!
Guy#1- "New artists like Kid Cudi, Drake, and Wale are all creating, and dominating a new style of hip-hop that's blowing my mind!"

Guy#2- "I know! If you wanna see revolutionized hip-hop Chiddy Bang is just the artist for you! They're amazing approach to music stands out in all of their songs."
by Kid Cudder January 26, 2010
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A fine example of what type of music should be mainstream as opposed to Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne etc.

Hip Hop group made up of Chiddy (rapper) and Xaphoon Jones (producer). Made 2 Solid Mixtapes "Air Swell" and The "Swelly Express" and are releasing their debut album "The Swelly Life" this September.
Chiddy Bang! And we're pretty much amazing!

Xaphoon you crazy!
by Roc18 August 08, 2010
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1. derived from the colloquial term "Chicks with dicks", this is used to describe a night of lust spent (accidentally or intentionally) with a male transsexual.

Chick + Dick = Chiddy + Bang = "Chiddy Bang"

2. A noun used to describe a male transsexual.
Damn son! you were so drunk, you totally Chiddy Banged last night!

That tranny's so fine I wouldn't mind a Chiddy Bang with her.

That ain't no girl, she's totally a Chiddy (and/or) Bang.
by MC GangBang December 16, 2010
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