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1. Chickenolgy, derivative word of chicken. Chickenology can refer to facts, or anything about the Chicken.

2. Tactics of cowards.
Wow, I never knew KFC started delivering in 1996, much less delivering at all! Thats some major Chickenology, man!

Jeff said that the color earlobe of a chicken can usually determine what color egg it lays: Green-ish/shiny ear-lobed chickens usually lay green/blue eggs, red ear-lobed chickens usually lay brown eggs and white ear-lobed chickens lay white eggs. Theres some Chickenology for you!
by Vamparagon June 10, 2009
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1. trend among urban 20 somethings to keep one or two chickens in cages in small apartments, rooftop coops and/or urban streets where they may or may not free range.

2. Poultry keeping in urban settings most common among among neo punk, urban crusty kids, urban greenies, urban homesteaders.

3. the study and obsession with chicken health by otherwise non agricultural people.

4. Fashion trend marked by a peculiar obsession among well heeled urbanites with miniature show birds; they often keep them in high rise apartments as pets and carry them as one would carry a chihuahua.
Lucy's into chickenology; she's got 3 layers on the roof.

Hilton's a chickenologist; she carries that little white cochin around in her chanel bag.

Joey's gone so green all he talks is chickenology.

Tom got evicted for his chickenology obsession.
by Lily1014 June 10, 2009
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