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A mythical creature that is half man, half chicken. While all is not known about the features of this magnificent being, there are some characteristics that can be confirmed.

1) Has the chicken features of skinny legs, short arms/wings and is always prone to clucking outbursts.
2) Has the head of a human, and is often very aware of its own intelligence and abilities, often proclaiming such talents to the masses.
3) Is one of few species which is hugely cannibalistic, in fact, in many cases chicken is a chickenman's favourite food.
4) While the chickenman is said to be able to eat a lot, its diet does not extend far beyond various forms of chicken, ice-cream and alcohol.

The chickenman is present in pop culture, accurately depicted in Toy Story 2's Al McWhiggin.

While chickenmen shouldn't necessarily be feared, one should always be weary of them as they are an extremely volatile creature, especially when it comes to fighting over food, drink or mating partners.
1) "Dude, I think my friend is a chickenman."
"That's alright, it shouldn't change your relationship too much."
"Yeah, I just wish I knew before I invited him over to dinner last night, my house is now devoid of chicken soup, ice-cream and rum!"

2) "Look at that guy, talking about how much ice-cream he ate last night while randomly flailing his arms."
"Dude, he's probably just a chickenman."
by La Rocca May 13, 2014
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An African American man who lives in the Mount Union, PA projects and spends his days carrying around fried chicken and starting beef with white kids.
Zach- O crap it's chicken man
Tyler- Drive Drive Drive!
by zach2010 July 25, 2008
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In an old myth, there was a man that came out at 1 in the morning to help civilians. He was known as chicken man. He wore a rubbery textured suit, and usually would snack on chicken in his "hideout" at the old pier. A great superhero that all will remember, Chicken Man helped many poor black & white teens get their Kuntucky Fried Chicken.
Chicken Man deleivered KFC to my house last night when my family was starving!
by Craig Cl July 11, 2006
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a nubbish nubby who is just a nub
chickenman is the uberest nub
by DeathBunny September 24, 2004
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