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The assurance you expect from the process, that it will not be deceiving and harmful, but will be completely enjoyable and safe for you.
Person: Hey, have you heard of this new movie that is on air? Should we go see it?
Me: Idkidk, what do people say about it?
Person: Uhmm, the opinions are mixed, but...
Me: Bruh, there ain't no "but". I need a "chicken fillet guarantee" that the movie is cool, otherwise that is no participation.


Bro-1: Yo b, did you see this fly-ass chick over there? I heard she be doing mad things with that that....
Bro-2: Oh, word?
Bro-1: Chicken fillet guarantee, b.
Bro-2: Aight, Imma go get that Chick-fil-A then.
by 9on6 October 07, 2019
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