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Chickcheck; to chickcheck; to engage upon the act of chickchecking.

Chickcheck is a common word describing a guy looking at girls (chick) and checking them, then you have chickchecked.

Chickchecking is mostly an act that single people and/or lesbians engage upon. It can lead to great frustration in couples if the man decides to chickcheck whilst is female partner is present, usually ending into a fight.
Adam: ''Woah, did you see that girl pass by and smile at me just now?!
John: ''Nah, I ain't chickchecking. Got a girlfriend.''

John: ''Nice..''
Eva: ''John?! Did you just chickcheck that girl?!''
John: ''I can explain! I was coincidentally looking that way!''
Eva: ''This is the last time! You always chickcheck! You chickchecked yesterday too! We're over!''
by Dan the Man NL August 27, 2009
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to chick check (undefined): to stop, stare at a womens body (mainly theirs boobs and ass) and judge it on matter of quality.
Alonso: " Chick Check".
David : "that whoe had a whole load of ass".
by alonso & david December 07, 2007
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The female equivalent to "Man Check" meaning to surprise some by yelling "Chick Check!" then kick or punch that person in the crotch.
Carly: "Hey Lesa why do you have ice pack on your crotch?"

Lesa: "I was baby-sitting and the kid totally Chick Checked me."

Carly: "Ouch!"
by Malik-Metallic12 March 01, 2014
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