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Proper Noun. Used to describe a clan of gamers that think they are great, but sadly are mistaken.
"Man, these guys are dropping like flies. Who are we fighting again?"
"Hmm... some chochs going by "ChicagoGamers"."
"Haha... are you serious?"
"Yeah. Apparently they are fond of 'The Matrix' movies, Cheetos and getting their asses handed to them."
by GNox July 28, 2006
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One who is of Chicagoan descent and participates in frequent late-night lan parties fueled by copious amounts of caffeine and alcohol.

Often seen traveling in packs of 5 - 10, they can be easily recognized by the dark clothing, sunglasses, and zombie-like emotions due to lack of sleep and countless hours of Counterstrike.

Often referred to as "CGers" this rare breed of gamer is devoted to its cause and highly protective of itself and it's friends.
"OMG Dewd! Those CGers owned us at counterstrike last night!"
by [CG]Wieass March 03, 2004
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