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The ultimate in foodstuffs, aka Chicago Dog

consists of:
sweet pickle relish (usually neon green)
a dill pickle spear
tomato slices or wedges
sport peppers
a dash of celery salt
steamed sesame seed bun
Vienna Beef Hot Dog

NEVER EVER put ketchup on a Chicago Dog, or there will be consequences
Tourist from Kansas: I'll take a Chicago style hot dog, with ketchup
Big Willy: Whatchu say?
Tourist from Kansas: I wanted ketchup on my wiener
Big Willy: *shoots him*
by FatJoker February 24, 2008
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The act of butt fucking a woman without penetration, in which the man's penis slides through the woman's butt cheeks, much like a hot dog enters it's buns. Ejaculation must occur on the woman's back, much like the hot dog toppings lie atop the bread. Debuted in Chicago in 2011.
She was so drunk and we didn't have condoms, so I gave her a Chicago style hot dog and got the f outta there.
by Hambone69 December 31, 2013
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When you take a girl out for mexican food, then assfuck her afterwards. It makes your hot dog feel like its in Chicago, the windy city.
Awesome Person:Why does your room smell like a chicago style hotdog?
Awesomer Person:Because your girlfriend just left.
by successfulheterosexual June 13, 2010
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