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Girls named Chiayrah are the most beautiful, nicest, and helpful girl you will ever meet. Chiayrah will help you with any problem from math homework to personal problems and even helps you when an ugly guy is hiting on you. Chiayrah is a great artist and is usually in advanced art classes. Chiayrah is the smartest person you know. She is also the funniest person you know. Chiayrah isn't only an artist but she can rap to any song including rap god by eminem. Chiayrah will be nice to you as long as you don't get on her bad side which is a side you don't want to be on because she will throw the first punch.
Girl 1: wow she is so beautiful

Girl2:she is really good at art to

Girl3:she must be a Chiayrah
by Cheyanne Austin March 03, 2016
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