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You can rock it solo or take a group of people usually in one car. You drive to downtown chicago and spark your blunt or light your bowl only when your on the highway and once everyone is sufficiently torched continue to drive around downtown chicago and take in the sights and culture. Works best at night with high grade cannabis. Also reffered to as a chizzy or routing it in the big windy.

Note: Driving around chicago when not smoking and just going down there to waste gas and sound cool is NOT and i repeat is NOT a Chi route. thats just being gay.
Kid 1 : hey bro what are we doing tonight?
Kid 2: Lets take a chi route man i got some flame as hahl weed
Kid 1: Sounds like a great idea man ill grab the drops and cudi
Kid 3: Lemme get shorts!
by Caddis March 08, 2011
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