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Cheyenna is a beautiful girl who is just all around perfect.. a Cheyenna usually has a really good singing voice and is a very talented actress...and they like to play sports, and are talented dancers... most can do splits! cheyennas are generally very busy and they know this but if it was up to them they would have even more stuff on their plates. cheyennas is a name that is usually associated with an Native American and they get a lot of jokes from their friends for it. cheyennas are very mood based. a lot of what they like depend on their mood. Cheyennas can survive with just three things in their lifes, music, iFunny, and food.. cheyennas also like to play video games although they may not be the best at them.. a cheyenna is also EXTREMELY laid back and just kind of goes with the flow.. they are very protective of their friends and very trusting of them as well.. all in all on a scale of 10 a cheyenna is an 100, if you get the opportunity to date a cheyenna or become friends with one don't let her go.. in one way or another she will change your life.. she will be the best listener even though she may not be able to help you.. she is as close to perfection as you can get.
"Cheyenna is so cute.."
"Yea I know.."
"Happy one month :)"
by TheOtherNativeOfTheGroup November 09, 2013
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