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A cheuchter is simply a person from anywhere in Scotland roughly north of the Central Belt. Seen by some a very slightly derogatory, it isn't really as a huge number of Lowland Scots will be descended from Cheuchter stock. Ask a foreigner to picture an archetypal Scot, and they will probably have in mind a cheuchter - a big, hardy possibly ginger lad or a naturally pretty girl with a poetic lilt in their voice, and naturally they will use Scots rather than English words. They would never have a girlfriend named 'Moistie' and would never use estuary English such as 'me gob' - has Caz ever met a cheuchter? BTW I'm a Lowland Scot, from Glasgow
There's busloads of cheuchters down at Hampden today for the Scotland game.
by IanMac October 22, 2015
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A scottish guy with brown hair, blue eyes that drives a VW Golf called Alex. Also known as bampot or Toaley head and calls his chicks 'Moistie'. ........hmmmn nice!
"Come here and look at this wonderful vista Cheucter, but first let me pop some garlic in me gob first before I snog ya!"
by caz November 17, 2003
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