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1. Usually indegineous to the Chesapeake Bay area, a very large, lazy, grotesque male that shows an unusual resemblance to a walrus. This person usually has dunlap disease, and has a handle bar mustache that gives the resemblence of a "walrus stash". Also enjoys eating cheese and drinking 10oz Bud Light.
2. One who is abnormally obese, enjoys eating large amounts of cheddar cheese, and also enjoys gossip so much, that he/she could partake in an episode of "The View". Also, one who thinks their "shit don't stink".
Walter, The Chesapeake Walrus, can't help but get all drunk and billigerent and gossip about people on the weekends. Fat piece of shit.

Crikey! Check out the enormous jowels on that Chesapeake Walrus!
by The Nuthouse Gang October 09, 2006
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