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A large suburb best known for the East and West rivalries, insensitive Jewish references, poorly made jokes about white people acting black, and parents complaining to the schools. The Cherry Hill Mall is -the- mall of the area and the library is best known as the teenage hangout. Despite having a large Jewish community, the only flamboyantly religious people you'll really ever end up meeting are Christians. The East side is known to be with the stereotype of containing rich, snobbish people simply due to the fact that they're the newer side of the township. The West side is stereotyped to be dirt poor... and yet every major attraction including the Loews Theatre, the mall, and public library is in the West side.
West side, East side... Stupid competitive high schools in Cherry Hill, NJ.
by Firiona November 12, 2005
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A big suburb only seen by non-Cherry Hillers while driving through to get to Philly. A numerous amount of Jews can be seen walking to and from the JCC in their yamacas or driving their mercedes around. The East Side and the West Side have their differences, but, objectively, they are all the same: rich, white kids with dumbass rich parents, and who feel the need to pretend they're black. If your are thinking about moving to Cherry Hill, don't. If you already live in Cherry Hill, sucks for you. For all those who have no idea what Cherry Hill is, lucky bitches.
Why is it called Cherry Hill when there are no cherry trees?
a) Who the fuck cares?
b) Probably some Jew named it.
c) 'Cause Cherry Hill is full of dumb shits.

(Trust's c)
by it doesn't really matter May 05, 2005
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