The annoying, seemingly endless stream of baggage and woes that comes firmly attached to most virgins
Dude, go for someone more experienced, all virgins come with a cherry stem.
by I am Jack October 20, 2010
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a bloody condom you used to have sex with a virgin
I saw a cherry stem in the street so I laughed at the young gal who had just became a women
by booty shark December 14, 2015
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A cherry stem is when your having anal sex and the guys squeezes his cock which excretes some poop in the shape of a cherry stem
So i was really giving it to Denise the other night and that crazy broad ate the cherry stem after
by with a cherry on top December 21, 2009
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Being able to tie a Cherry stem with ones tongue indicates that person is great at kissing and is possibly good at giving oral sex.
Beth can tie a cherry stem knot in a knot under 30 seconds, she must great a lot kissing and blow Jobs
by Mclovin206 July 19, 2017
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Izumi: I’ve officially mastered the cherry stem tango!
Adara: that’s pretty gay
by Acid Breath October 22, 2019
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