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An individual with a sense of god-like invincibility, such that the reality does not affect her strong desire to fulfill an ideal. Is a player that takes everything into her stride, but her dare-to-try spirit is often mistaken with being off-center. Her way of being obnoxious livens parties up and she makes a great presenter. Even so, she strikes and impresses each and everyone with her great sense of balance. Her intelligence overflows as it is enhanced with her hardwork and belief in whatever she does. She puts others before herself and never hesitates to offer her help. The world lights up with her never-ending smile.
When people ever direct criticism at her, she takes it on a rational level, thoughtfully address the criticism with intelligence and will never lose her smile, probably for some source of courage.

You'll know, thats a Cherou!
by neverdyingsky September 09, 2011
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