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a young maiden that dresses like a slut but is not. Though at times she's pretty scandalous,she is a good girl at heart dying to break free and live the party life. She just wants to do whatever she wants with whoever she wants to whenever she feels like it. She wants to stay out all night, get drunk, and partay like there's no tomorrow.She is a very intellectual girl but needs to focus on her academics to show her true smarts. She has a lot of friends and gets checked out by a lot of guys but never really gets serious about them because she does not want to get heartbroken. She's not quite promiscuous but a lot of people see her that way.Many people misjudge her because she dresses like a prostitute.
Cherolyn loves to be around boys because she loves the attention they just throw at her.
by Chero-lyn November 17, 2006
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