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A beautiful girl with a very unique name that not many people have. She's the type of girl that's really shy when you first get to know her but after a while of hanging around, she's the craziest, randomest chick you'll ever meet! She's funny, kind, short, and extremely flexible. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy, even though she hates drama. She's short and skinny but she can snap you like a twig in a heartbeat! She's the greatest person you can have as a friend <3
Girl 1: Do you know Chereshia?
Girl 2: Yeah, why?
Girl 1: What's she like?
Girl 2: Well she's really sweet but if you make her mad she'll kill you.
Girl 1: Oh. Well I'm gonna be on her good side!
by GirlNextDoor<3 October 09, 2012
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