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An as of yet unidentified gene that turns the belly yellow when country calls. It is possessed by people who when called to serve say, "Hell no, I won't go". All people with this gene have an aggressive demeanor until faced with the threat of bodily harm.

The term "Cheney Gene" comes from the fact that Dick Cheney was a strong supporter of the Vietnam war, but did everything in his power to avoid the draft.

The Cheney Gene is not exclusive to the neoconservative movement. Chickenhawks come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds.
All of the neoconservative chickenhawks have one thing in common; the Cheney Gene.

The man had a yellow belly because he possessed the Cheney Gene.

John was a supporter of the Vietnam war until he was drafted. He possessed the Cheney Gene.
by jonnoj November 02, 2009
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