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Based on Vice President Dick Cheney's statement to Sen. Leahy, this is defensible school-slang for "go fuck yourself" Can also be used as "go Cheney", in which case one can defend it by claiming to be making a political statement of support.
"Get out of my way" Bob told Sam. "Cheney" was all Sam said in reply.

The policeman told the skateboarders to leave the area. As they rolled away, one yelled over his shoulder "Go Cheney!"
by jengada August 21, 2004
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To shoot someone in the face or to shoot on someone's face
He is going to Cheney (verb) you, and your face is going to be messed up.

Some people like to get cheneyed after giving head.

Cheneying can sting, especially if you get cheneyed in your eye.
by MrJonesy February 14, 2006
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