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A kind caring woman, with a heart of gold but a dirty mind. Beautiful, sexy and sweet and will go to the end of to the wold to help her family and friends... but beware if you decide to piss her off watch your life become a living nightmare. Everyone needs a Chelce to make your day that little bit easier.
I’m having such a shit day, you know what I’ll call Chelce she will cheer me up.
by SwagMonster69BigShlong May 09, 2018
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A bitch. Little slutty whore that is always looking for a guy. A chelce is typically a blonde usually a Cheerleader or dancer. But all she wants is dick. Thats what shes known for.
Omg there's chelce, lets run until she begs us for this D.
by suckkkmyass November 28, 2014
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