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Charity-Beggar: Young people employed by charities who stand on sidewalks and stop you under the guise of chit chat but really want your money. Often they are students on summer break who are otherwise unemployable due to an inability to count or fear of real work. Pretty girls are most successful as they prey on men with no self esteem who are unable to speak to girls otherwise and think they will impress this pretty young cheggar by opening their wallets (hearts) and showing how sensitive they are.
Hey did you see how hot that cheggar on Queen st. is? What's that? I don't care how old she is dude she's hot as fuck.
by DirtBagalow June 28, 2011
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Jegg-hur. n.

One who imbibes alchohol in secret... often by 'disguising it' as a soft drink (i.e. swapping bottles), or hiding it in a brown paper bag.

Also vb. 'Cheg' - to drink alcohol covertly.
"Wow man! Look at that guy cheg! Cheggar! Cheggar! CHEGG-ARR!"

From National Lampoon's "Zany Jocks on Campus, Like AGAIN, dude".
by Neil Baxter October 14, 2005
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When something inappropriate happens to someone that is so shocking and inconceivable, that when you hear of it you are dumbfounded and left sickened.
Anne txts - "Hey guess what I got up to last night?"

Christina - "What , Do tell?"

Anne - " Well I got so wasted last night that Bob Liked my bum hole"

Christina - "I hope that's a Joke"

Anne - "Hell no Bitch !!!!"

Christina turns to her husband Neville and says " Wow Anne has give me a right Cheggars tonight !!!!!!!!!!!! "
by nutjobsmanchester January 24, 2015
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