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1. The nickname for the the most bad ass person ever.

2. The crusty nut sweat build up when you haven't shaved your pubs.

3. Placing a form of cheeze (i.e. Creamcheeze, cheeze power mix, cheeze, cheeze puffs power) & rubbing it on your nutz for a chic to lick.

4. Taking a picture with you nutz hanging out to say "Cheeze!"

5. Adding a tasty surpise for the chic sucking on your nutz.
Letting a patch of weeds grow on your nutz, Working up a sweat, and not getting a chance to shower.

Everyone is taking a serious picture. And then when the prints come back... What's this? Cheezeballz!
by Angry Monkey Nutz July 08, 2009
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