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Cheez Bix, often mistaken for Weeta Bix, is a delicate confectionery, enjoyed by the upper class societies of Somalia. It originates from unknown colloquial vocabularies and is said to be made of a mixture of milk, age, and plenty of yeast cells. Due to the curious combination of ingredients used in its creation, it is often found with wrinkles, bones, and fungi that are capable of inducing cardiac arrest within ten minutes of ingestion. Some say that the aroma of Cheez Bix is enough to induce a coma.

Cheez Bix is often referred to as Jizz Bix, Cheez Bitch, or, less commonly, Jizz Bitch, although these, "Nicknames," are usually jests and should be corrected during all occasions.

Other uses include:
1) To, "Cheez Bix," can be to cause death through heart attack or eternal rest.

2) To, "Cheez Bix," can be to obliterate resistance in a battle front through the use of simple methods of assault.

3) To, "Cheez Bix," can be to cause worry and concern amongst people who have never heard of Cheez Bix.

1) A state of, "Cheez Bix," is used to describe a coma or eternal rest caused by the smelling or ingestion of Cheez Bix.
Geoff: I think this guy just had a Cheez Bix
Bobulus: What do you mean?!
Geoff: He either smelt or ingested a rare form of confectionery that is only found in Somalia.
by Cheez Bix July 10, 2009
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