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This is a term that is applicable to me in a personal experience with a "Cheetah". Cheetah Bait is a younger, well groomed, physically fit man who is the target of a "Cheetah" who is on the prowl for a sexual partner she feels that can take her sexual desires to a hightened level never experienced in her marriage. The Cheetah bait is willing to fulfill the Cheetahs desires w/o having any commitment other than being the Cheetah's "boy-toy". This can be a one night stand or a sexual relationship that can be repetitive, depending on the chemistry b/t the Cheetah and her "bait".
The Cheetah will enter a bar/nightclub and scan the establishment for a victim who catches her eye w/ the qualities and physical attributes that meets her standards for "Cheetah Bait". The Cheetah will move in quickly for the "kill" and thats where the term originates, "Cheetah Bait", a quick kill. The Cheetah Bait will not even see it coming, but will be very satisfied when it is over.
by stinger1 December 24, 2009
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