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An internet forum created by a socialy inept Asian boy named Ben. At one time or another, the core group of posting members attended Springboro High School. A place of random discussion and good times that has turned quickly into an unpleasant forum dominated by extreme flaming, the lazy Facist admin, and the so-called elitist "veterans" of CCH. One such "veteran," Awful_Waffle, became a tyrant during the fall out of the consant trolling of the member Xman (Xman destroyed many threads by letting his dislike of another member, Spire, be known constantly). Awful_Waffle called for many changes, including the banning of unregistered guest posting (something he has always despised, along with the other elitist "veterans"). He also turned every post into an attack on Spire, and became somewhat of a troll himself. The drama of CCH continues, even after the suspension of Xman (believed to be the main cause of the problems). For now, Cheesecakehat is the cesspool of the internet.
Welcome to Cheesecakehat! LOL WTF

by Lurker_of_the_Void May 17, 2007
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