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1. A schoolbus, usually a really shitty one with an asshole driver.
2. The most common mode of transportation for SWB students, followed closely by the Shitty Bus, the DerFuhrerMobile, and the Heel-Toe Express, since SWB spends all its money on piss-yellow printer paper and hush-money to keep half its teachers from being fired.
3. Utter and complete dogshit.

Word originated from the fact that the bus is the same color as the anemic American Cheese that's made in Sri Lanka and served in SWB school lunches along with plenty of Man Mayonnaise and Corpse-Eating Rat meat.
Mark: We better get on the cheesebus so we won't miss gym class and have to get more porn for Stiffen's Armada to graduate!

Me: I fucking hate gym class! All it is is Kool-Aid and Windbag making bullshit calls about the gradeschool games Stiffen came up with for us to play so he could sell bootleg tapes to the Cyborg Businessman! That and Blubbernaut and the Fat Guy trying to kill me with dodgeballs and cornhole you and That Mofo Pooh!

Gherel: It also sucks that our school is supposed to be one of the best in the city, yet we can't afford our own gym or even computers that aren't either factory rejects or filled with Soviet Schoolgirl Porn! Oh well, at least we get to make fun of Flowers when she comes on to Mr. Bus Driver.

Me: Yeah, I guess there's that...
by Jack D. Ripper July 29, 2004
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Used when something is shocking. Would be used in the same context as Jesus! In fact that is where it originated from:
Jesus->Jeebus->Cheese Bus. Also sometimes used like: Bus made entirely out of cheese!
Jane: Oh my gosh, look at that gigantic tidal wave headed right for us!

John: Cheese Bus!
by Joe Snikeris November 02, 2005
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