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cheese·bred·er·i·an· (chz-brd-âr-n)

1. One who practices cheesebreadarianism.

2. A person who's diet consist mainly of cheese and bread.

3. A person who claims that they are vegetarian but often eats unhealthy amounts of cheese and bread in their diet. Their diet usually has less than 10% of anything with vegetables or fruits.

4. A self-proclaimed vegetarian that wants the status and/or title of being a vegetarian to feel progressive yet lacks the will and effort to become a real vegetarian.
5. A quasi-vegetarian person who eats various fast food meals consisting of gluten and other animal by products, yet boasts about the importance of animals rights.

1. Of or relating to cheesebreadarianism or cheesebreadarians.
2. Consisting primarily or wholly of cheese and bread products: a cheese and bread diet.
She's not a vegetarian, she's a cheesebreadarian. The fat fucking bitch eats nothing but fucking cheese and bread everyday; cheese pizza's, cheese hot pockets, cheese quesadillas, cheese sandwiches, donuts, fried anything with cheese.
by Ken Fuji October 09, 2011
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