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An unknown stereotype.
Cheer Kids are similar to Scene Kids, Emo Kids and Kandi Kids, but they're all their own.

Cheer Kids usually wear sunglasses and flipflops as often as possible and wear tons of jewlery. They love to wear skinny jeans, even if they're at the beach.

They dislike being called scene, but they don't label themselves - most Cheer Kids don't even know they're cheer.

Other than being obsessive with sunglasses, flipflops, jewlery and skinny jeans, cheers dress normally, but they're stand outs because of their accessories.
Danny: Is that girl scene?
Jon: No, no, she's a Cheer Kid - she looks normal but she's wearing sunglasses, nine necklaces, flipflops and skin-tight jeans.
by Tay-fin October 17, 2009
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