Cheems mindset is the reflexive belief that barriers to policy outcomes are natural laws that we should not waste our time considering how to overcome. The term can also be applied to the same "can't do" attitude in non-policy contexts, including business and science.

The term was coined by Jeremy Driver for his newsletter, Normielisation.
He displayed cheems mindset when he said there wouldn't be vaccines for another five years.
by minionman May 30, 2021
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the laziness/excuses a country has to not change anything for a/few small reasons

Most western countries have the cheems mindset
Cheems mindset example

Can you try to fix the US debt?
(cheems mindset) USA: noo too much tax and effort
by stop it now January 19, 2022
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Virgin: I don't like nuclear energy, what if it goes wrong?
Chad 1: You have a cheems mindset.
Chad 2: Yeah, a real pussy mentality.
by O B M A May 24, 2022
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