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An expression used far too casually and frequently at university institutes. The phrase is horrifically graphic and very offensive however is commonly used on a daily basis by the residents of kidder-minster or "kiddy" for short. It can be used to express just about anything that has just happened. However it is often flung violently at people when they have done wrong, or is commonly used when the individual is feeling a little more sexually frustrated than normal.
Andy "shall we go out tonight?"
Matt " nah lets watch the united game then go for a cheeky rape"
Andy "...nice"

Matt "crikey the things i would do for a cheeky rape today"

Matt "I was just sitting in my room when all i could think about was a cheeky rape"

Matt "get me some sugar puffs and a whole bowl of cheeky rape!"
by Sugarman1 August 16, 2010
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