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When a girl is wearing a skirt or shorts that reveal the under-curve of her asscheek she is offering a cheeksneak.

When a girl moves or walks a certain way and her clothing accidentally reveals her ass; a sneak-peek at her cheek.

Similar to a nipslip only for asses.
"Those shorts give a nice cheeksneak on that girl."

"Cheeksneak is the new sideboob."
by Freaky Steve June 08, 2009
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When your taking a crap and you realize there is no toilet paper left and you have to move to the next stall in order to wipe.
Me: Took a shit today and there was no toilet paper, had to pull a cheek sneak, it was a close one

You: You are a true bathroom ninja
by Bathroom Ninja February 25, 2010
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