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A tight t-shirt wearing computer geek making a vain attempt to be cool despite his career choice. Refer to themselves in the 3rd person and try to dance like a robot when they have the cheek to try and be normal and go out. They occasionally suffer bouts of low self confidence which they remedy by naked stood in front of the mirror stroking sessions. Girls should avoid Cheebles, as they feel that equipping themselves with the latest gadgetry makes up for their lack of trouser equipment (i.e. they brag about their latest mobile phone gaming programme as they can't brag about their micropenis).
'Wow, look at that geek trying to dance. He is showing a ridiculous amount of cheeble'

'Look I can see a Cheeble on the horizon tip-tapping on his personal palm top personality'
by Mr Nonymouse April 25, 2006
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