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A situation or state of being that is not only 'chilled' but simultaneously 'edgy' in nature. One cannot put too much effort into being 'chedgy' as it negates the chilled side to procedings and a careful 50/50 balance must be struck between the two. Be too edgy at one time whilst not being as equally chilled and it totally tips the scales towards being a total Wendel.

One can be chedgy at home- sitting on the sofa (chilled) whilst drinking a mocha (edgy). Balance struck!

One can be edgy outside- cruising on a skateboard as if there are no cares in the world (chilled), whilst wearing an alternative hat and clothing combo (edgy). Balance struck!
Admirer: WOAH! The way you were relaxing in the park, listening to edgy tunes, throwing a pig skin and wearing those dark shades was so badass!

Chedgy Individual: Dont u mean it looked pretty chedgy!

Admirer: apologies

C.I.: ok, dont let it happen again
by chedgy guy January 12, 2012
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