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When someone tries their upmost to aviod paying their share of a check, usually in a restaurant. The check dodger is typically someone who lives their life at the height of frugality and will aviod paying their full share, or in some extreme cases, no share at all. Techniques include colourful excuses, agressive denial or the infamous 'dine n' dash'
(Brian Gaffney has not paid his share of the check in a Mexican Restaurant, he as run to the restrooms so that the other diners do not notice, and therefore, pay for his share)

Elliot: Where has Brian gone?
Mark: He's run away to the toilet in a feeble attempt to avoid paying his way.
Chris: My God, what a check dodger!

(Brian Returns)

Chris: Did you put your money down, Brian?
Brian: Yes
Elliot: Then we're 15 dollars short and everyone's paid up.... is everyone sure they've paid up?

(Everyone looks at Brian)
(Long Pause)

Mark: Just pay your way, you hopless check dodger!
Brian: Shut up Mark! You curly-headed f*ck

(Brian reluctanly takes out his wallet and puts some notes on the table. He is moody for the remainder of the night)
by R.R. Toillet Gee July 09, 2010
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