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The word Chebz means...TITS
"That lass has massive chebz..!"
"Can I touch your chebz?"

( o Y o )
by vajseasaz April 12, 2011
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A "Chebz" is a snake that rats on his fellow Sears associates. The chebz is an endangered species that require the ugliest girlfriends in the world. They mark their territory by leaving their snake skin also known as their chebbie fur. They also rep cars that their mom's drive and say it is theirs. When a Chebz is cornered they quickly pull the quick release pin on the Sears Blast Away Smoke Bomb for a quick getaway from REAL people. Basically a CHEB is a SNAAAAAAAAAAKE..
Steve is an official Chebz member, he tried to get you fired today Norbey.

Rob drives his mom's VW, it isn't even his, what a chebz!
by LarryBirdLegend August 08, 2010
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