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A Chear Bicken is the cross bred animal which is created when a bear and chicken commence interspecies erotica. The Chear Bicken has a bear snout and fur but the general body shape of an average chicken, just slightly larger and much more muscular, it's thighs are more noticable in it's strange appearance as they have traces of feathers on them and are lighter in tone. The Chear Bicken is a carnivore and takes a liking to the flesh of human children.
Ben: Have you seen my son anywhere?
Steve: I think i saw him playing outside by that tree on the edge of the woods, i'd go find him if i were you, there's been Chear Bickens spotted around that area
Ben: Chear Bickens? pfft, they're just a myth
*Ben goes to find his son* *Finds a trail of harvested organs*
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010
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