Using tactics that require an absence of testicles; usually used by players with no skill.
by Dirk January 19, 2004
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it's type of tactics used by players with no skills, not cheating but trying anything close to cheating.
like picking items to go left and right faster in their spot or going to a place in the map to camp or steal kills.

there is a thin line between person who is smart and who is using cheap tactics.
the one smart actually does a lot of effort, while cheap tactic player just looking for easy ways for everything with less effort possible.

cheap tactic players often exist in games like paladins.
support: "that guy did a lot of damage to our tank"
tank: "trust me he was literally just standing still not going anywhere shooting me none stop, cheap tactics asshole."
flank: "when i get close to him he goes left and right none stop to avoid bullet and STILL in his same spot so he can get back up without doing any effort, i killed him tho."

cheap tactic player: "lol you guys are salty gg ez"
by somebuddy0001 July 13, 2018
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