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This refers to the ongoing and privately funded study of the current human subspecies known as "The Chav"

Since late 2002-2003 the chav population has sky rocketed

Nature enthusiast have become increasingly curious as to how this retarded subspecies could have flourished so well dispite lacking basic human brain functions.

This lead to a small group beginning dedicated research into chavs, which became known as "Chavology"
Here are some of the discoveries that Chavology has enabled us to make

1. Chavs have a hierarchy similar to Orks, usually the biggest and most stupidest Chav is the leader.

2. Chavs grow more Chav-like the more time the spend with Chavs

3. Chavs have there own language, this is referred to as "Chavenese" and largely consists of swear words and slang words

4. Chavs seem to have an unhealthy fixation on mothers and will regularly refer to your mother when you attempt to engage in converstation

"ya mam" "I banged ya mam" "thats what ya mam said" are some of the known phrases chavs use.

5. Chav males despite their confident mouthing off are very very self conscious about penis size, and in recent years have taken to sticking one hand down inside their trousers in an effort to try and stimulate growth of their organ.

However due to them doing this act when surrounded by other male chavs (sometimes younger) it has only succeeded in making them look both gay and pedophilic

6. A female chav has some degree of intelligence as they have realized that by breeding early they can milk money from the government instead of getting a low level job which requires more effort.

Thankfully it seems the UK Parliament has discovered this innate breeding/survival technique and is now instigating new population control methods by removing the support chav females receive after a successful breeding cycle
by Manimator July 07, 2010
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The in depth study and analysis of thechav and its lifestyle. Although no official government funding has been put in to these studies, we are still trying:D
The following conclusions have been made about the chav from our individual studies:
1. They wear burberry. Duh
2. They regularly dine at McDonald's or if the money is rolling in, Burger King
3. Usually cheat the benefits system of welfare system e.g.: Keith Mooney
by N-O-Double-G March 12, 2005
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