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A wannabe burlesque performer who is only in the business for money and fame,a little more than that.

Chavlesque people rarely spend money on anything for anyone other than themselves


Take chav and burlesque and you have chavlesque!

Any performer or performers who are selfish and do not research established burlesque performers acts before they take them on stage

usually seen at anne summers

a joke to the burlesque industry

harmfull to a beautiful art

usually a strip club dancer who wants more fame

and therfore thinks chavlesque is the way to go,from stripping for men in small clubs.

Chavelsque females do not understand the true art of burlesque and are therfore Chavelsque
I saw those girls the other night at that show, they were so chavlesque it was unbelievable!! really unprofessional,and a complete joke.
by awoooooooo October 07, 2009
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