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The pathetic and worthless outcome of the sloppy fumblings which all 1-2 minutes of pointless prodding (usually into a saggy grey gusset due to the fact that neither of them would think to remove her knickers first) purports to be the act of sexual intercourse between 2 scabby, jobless, skanky drug and Lambrini addled fuck-wits.

This genetically weakened child is usually delivered after 6 months via Caesarean Section due to the fact that the scummy bitch carrying it is:
a) A frequenter of the local shooting gallery
b) A total piss-brain
c) Usually around 15 and already suffering from early-onset emphysema due to chain-smoking from the age of 7
d) Riddled with syphilis due to shagging with any scummer that gave her a ciggy. Just to say 'Thank you'...awwww aint she polite...
e) Dead from all of the above

This feeble child will go through early life reviled for either his abnormally large ears and fingers or her obesity and awful, constant whiff of piss due to her defective bladder.

Eventually these two gene-pool failures will meet and mate with their counterpart and so continues the cycle of life.....

Ain't evolution a bummer?
Most of the fuggly cunts on

Wayne 'jugg-ears' Rooney and his tasteless hoe g/f 'colin'

Vikky Beckham (aka vikki pollard)

Most of the STD addled 14-15yo slutters hanging outside The Event II in Brighton. Chavenstein breeders every fukken 1 lololololol.

Small-cock wanker 19yo twats in their 'poor man's big cock' souped up motors with a fat exhaust sticking out the back. I laugh my fukken ass off every time I see 1 broken down or wrapped around a tree. That's 1 less Chavenstein creator....
by Mik Mak August 15, 2005
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