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Chauzar is a rare type of dino-dinosaur from the deepest part of your back pockets, where the amazing magic lies, the place where it is safe.

The Chauzar ravages through food but hates peas, doesn't like its vegetables, but loves to bake its own food. The Chauzar says RAWR to scare away its predators, but Chauzar also says RAWR to its mate, its specialists mate, to say that it loves you.

The Chauzar is the past of what today is now Chau. Chau is very much evolutionary to the Chauzar, both being very strong and noble. The Chauzar only responds to its name when called by its special mate, because it is much dedicated.

Overall The Chauzar can be much furious to its predators and much loving to its mate. It loves to be with its mate and does anything to protect it. You just never want to dissapoint a Chauzar, or prepare for its mighty RAWR!
Oh shoot, Chau she is related to the mighty Chauzar!
Chau is throwing away her peas? She is going back to her old Chauzar ways!
by Naffy-Bear July 09, 2011
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