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You know you're a chatty fatty when; * you can't hear the word "nacho" without cracking up. * you cant think of Canada without thinking of Adrian * you make up lame excuses to go to different states so you can see other people. * you can sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" without a single mistake. * calling expedia. com at 1am never gets old * SKYPE PHONE CALLZ * you twitter over ten times a day * you get annoyed when people call lucas "fred" * you know the meaning of TUESDAY NIGHTFAST * you're amused wayy too easily * LOG IN GET IN THE CHAT. EVERYBODY WATCH THE TRANNY SAURUS REXXXXX * DATE MY ANWAD * you dont use <3 anymore, you use < 3 * over 10 people in your contacts are people you've never met * you daydream about meeting the group * hakuna matata cheers you up * you know how to walk the dinosaur * D.A.N.C. E is a song that will always be loved * you laugh at the word BOOGERS * you're reading this * you're laughing at this
"Hey Chatty Fatty < 3. I LOVE YOU! lets all go on date my anwad !. WES BE UP FREAKING.
by Chatty Fatty herself October 12, 2008
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