Chastidy Cecelia Elías

She is the best person you will ever meet. She is the most caring person and even on your worst days she will always make you smile. Her heart is the biggest and her love is the greatest thing ever to exist on earth.

Chastidy is so sexy and stunning. She'll leave you speechless and take your breath. Chastidy is simply a Goddess. You'll crave her and she'll leave you wanting more.

Her Heart and soul is so beautiful, Not only is she beautiful on the outside but the inside above all else. Her gift of healing is unknown and often times refused by people.

With all the terrible things she has been through she will still love and care for you.

But be warned. She's taken. Hahahah or ill fucking kill you
Chastidy is so amazing!
by xWhiteMexicanxx May 18, 2015
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