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The capital of Prince Edward Island, a city of, including surrounding area, about 50,000 (this is an educated guess, since the entire population of PEI is 134,000 and there is only one other "major" city, Summerside, that has about 10,000 souls and not worth mentioning other than that factoid); Charlottetown is a place that has the best a big city has to offer, lots of theatre, art, musical talent in astounding abundance, and lots of other cultural draws, including an ever increasing multicultural population making things even more interesting. However, it also has elements of the worst, with a small but vital crime scene, with its fair share of big city problems like drug addiction, bigotry, and teeny narrow little minds. In the summer Charlottetown buzzes with activity, and even in the fall, tours and cruise ships dock here to take advantage of harvest time and lower hotel rates and prices in general which are inflated in the summer for the almighty tourist dollar (the most important industry in PEI) But come for the music scene alone. all in all a worthwhile place to see and possibly live. Also known as "the refuge of burnt out hippies"..with some veracity.
Where is Charlottetown
by dollface701 December 06, 2010
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The largest city in the little province of Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada and the smallest capital of Canada. Unless you've actually been, no one everyone really knows it's there. Those who do visit think it's a gold mine, but if you are actually from the island it is considered over rated, only topping Summerside which is the only other place in PEI that can be considered a city. Affordable housing is our biggest issue.
Islander 1: the only city I've ever been to is Charlottetown.

Almost any other person: Charlottetown, where is that?

Islander 2 : you both really need to get out more... You, need to cross the bridge for once in your life. There's more to the world than this island.. And you! Need to come visit the island because you'll never want to leave! Or at least until winter sets in..
by The Wild Bandit September 05, 2018
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