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a dank high school where everyone there is treated like family. wonderful education and atmosphere! the students love it! there is nothing like going to one of the friday night football games. when you walk into the stadium you can feel the excitement and an overwhelming amout of support. the fans are wonderful and amazing to be around! there there are som DANK sport. basically good at them ALL boy and girl. Bright students with wonderful futures! very intelligent students
you will always be back up by you classmates at Charlotte Catholic High School whenever you are in trouble
by hearddddattt January 05, 2011
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Ever wonder where the kids with million dollar houses and hundred thousand dollar cars? Yeah, you've found the place. Charlotte Catholic is basically the school everyone sends their kids to so that they can get a good education, but they end up at ECU. Drugs are rampant, sex is everywhere, and bullying is horrible. Yet somehow, parents think they're doing the best for their little kiddies.

Also, fun fact. Ardrey Kell and Providence students on average take double the amount of advanced placement courses as Catholic kids.
Joe: "You going to the Charlotte Catholic High School football game?"
Bob: "Naaa, I'm going to stay home and procrasterbate."
by TheRealSlimShady(no,notthatone November 12, 2010
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